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We offer multiple options for improving sinus function without surgery

March 23, 2022

One relatively new procedure offered to chronic sinus sufferers is called balloon sinuplasty. In the balloon procedure, a tiny balloon is gently inserted into a patient’s sinus and slowly inflated, which opens the blocked passage and is then slowly deflated, clearing the vital airway and providing relief to the patient’s prolonged misery. “I have a […]

Sinus surgery can be a game-changer

March 23, 2022

“I felt like an entirely different person,” he said. “I got a good night’s sleep and felt like I was 10 years younger.”

Sinus sufferers can find relief at Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists

March 23, 2022

Sometimes it may seem like everyone is suffering from sinus problems, and that perception is not that farfetched. An estimated 28.9 million people in the U.S. are enduring the same miserable symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s about 11.6% of the adult population, leading to 4.1 million annual trips to the […]


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