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Audiologists are licensed health care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss and balance disorders in children and adults. Services include prescribing and dispensing hearing aids, performing ear or hearing related surgical monitoring, providing hearing conservation programs and services, performing newborn hearing screenings, assessing and treating patients with tinnitus, and providing hearing rehabilitation.

Audiology and Hearing Services Include:

Comprehensive hearing evaluations for children and adults
• Pure tone Audiometry
• Speech Audiometry
• Tympanometry (assessment of middle ear function) for infants, children, and adults
• Otoacoustic emissions (assessment of inner ear function)
• Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (for infants and children)
• Speech in Noise Testing
• Tinnitus Assessment
• Ototoxicity Monitoring (utilizing ultra-high frequencies)
• Acoustic Reflex testing
• Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss Treatment:

Accounts with several hearing aid manufacturers
• Three year warranties for repairs and loss of hearing devices
• Services provided by a Doctor of Audiology
• Verification procedures
• Real Ear Measures (Speech mapping/Probe Microphone Measures)
• Speech in Noise testing
• Hearing Rehabilitation: Auditory training, listening skills improvement, etc.
• Custom earpieces for amplification, hearing protection, and swim plugs

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