A Non-Invasive Breakthrough for Nasal Airway Obstruction

December 7, 2023 |

A man breathing with a blue sky behind him. "Breath Freely with VivAer"

Breathe Easy with VivAer®

Nasal congestion can be a persistent and bothersome issue, often prompting individuals to explore various treatments ranging from medications to invasive surgeries. However, there is an alternative— VivAer®, a non-invasive solution designed to offer lasting relief.

VivAer® is administered by ENT providers from their office. The treatment begins with the application of local anesthesia, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient. VivAer® uses low-temperature radiofrequency (RF) energy to remodel the nasal passage, enhancing airflow without causing significant discomfort. A small wand is then gently inserted into the nostril, targeting and treating the underlying blockage. Patients can typically resume their normal activities without a prolonged recovery period. This office-friendly solution caters to those who are seeking effective relief without the inconvenience of a lengthy downtime.

Who Benefits Most from the VivAer® Treatment?

  • Patients with static or dynamic nasal valve collapse
  • Patients seeking a low-risk, effective, in-office treatment option
  • Post-surgical patients who still have difficulty breathing
  • Candidates for traditional surgery (e.g., septum, turbinates) who could benefit from an adjunct procedure addressing the nasal valve in the same setting
  • Patients with moderate to severe nasal airway obstructions as measured by the NOSE score and/or who experience improvement with the modified Cottle maneuver

Place fingertips on your cheeks, just outside your nose. Pull gently toward your ears.

How to perform the Cottle Maneuver.

Step 1: Place two fingertips on each side of your nose.

Step 2: Gently press and pull outward.

VivAer® is a promising option for individuals looking to breathe easy and reclaim their nasal comfort. Say goodbye to temporary fixes and invasive procedures—choose VivAer® for a breakthrough in nasal health.


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