Get ahead of your Allergies this Spring

March 5, 2024 |

Woman suffering from allergies

Are you tired of allergies ruining your spring every year? Take the first step towards relief and schedule an ENT appointment today at (616) 994-2770. By being proactive, you can prevent allergy flare-ups and enjoy the spring to the fullest.

Why do we get allergic reactions in the spring?

Allergic reactions in the spring occur due to the blooming of trees and plants, and their release of pollen into the air we breathe. Some of the most common allergens responsible for spring allergies include trees, grasses, ragweed, and mold.

What can you do to treat your allergies?

Medications can alleviate symptoms and may be effective for some patients. However, for others, immunotherapy is the best direction. Immunotherapy involves a series of treatments such as allergy shots or allergy drops, which can provide long-term relief. ¬†This treatment decreases a patient’s sensitivity to an allergen by introducing an ever-increasing dose of the triggering substance over time. The treatment builds resistance in the patient and lessens symptoms over time. Individualized medication or immunotherapy has proven to be a highly effective treatment for many patients.

Get ahead of spring allergy season! Get started now.

  1. First, schedule an ENT appointment to discuss your allergies
  2. If necessary, schedule allergy testing
  3. Evaluate and discuss treatment options
  4. Begin your treatment plan

Don’t let allergies ruin your spring, call (616) 994-2770 to schedule a today.



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