Michigan Sinus Specialists use rapid treatment to fight endless sinus pain

March 23, 2022 |

A dr performing laser vaporization of nasal concha with coblation technology method

Sinus pain can be seemingly endless; the solution, however, can be quick.

One of the procedures performed by our sinus specialists is balloon sinuplasty. It’s an outpatient procedure that involves placing a tiny sinus balloon in the spot where your sinuses are blocked. The balloon is inflated, deflated and then removed, allowing proper airflow to return to your sinuses.

“Patients have very minimal pain and recover within a day or two,” Michigan Sinus Specialists’ Dr. Richard Strabbing said. “I love being able to be part of something that is so low risk and, at the same time, so highly successful.

The procedure is quick and effective, according to Dr. Strabbing.

“Studies have shown us that the procedure made sinuses stay open long-term, upwards of 92% of the time,” he said. “There’s very little downtime, if any. Most patients are back to full activity 24 hours following the procedure.”


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