There are many things we can do to treat the sinuses

March 23, 2022 |

Digram of Sinuplasty to treat chronic sinus infections which is needed when one has an inflamed sinus lining and excess mucus/sinus infection

Individuals who are experiencing nasal discharge may be displaying one of the warning signs of chronic sinusitis.

“We have a great team at Michigan ENT and Allergy that can evaluate you to improve your health and wellness,” Dr. Seth Palmer, one of the physicians at Michigan ENT, told Michigan Sinus Specialists. “We have providers who are excellent in evaluating the sinuses with endoscopy, allergy testing and CT sinus to come up with the best management for your chronic sinus issues. There are many things we can do to treat the sinuses from using an appropriate nasal/allergy regimen, to procedures that can be done in the office and surgical options. It would be our pleasure to see you and discuss how we can improve your sinus symptoms.”

Sinusitis is a condition in which the spaces between the nose and head (sinuses) become swollen and inflamed despite treatment. If the sinuses remain inflamed for more than 12 weeks, it is referred to as chronic sinusitis, according to WebMD.

WebMD says that simple procedures such as a balloon sinuplasty may work to relieve these symptoms and have a quick recovery time.

“I felt like an entirely different person,” said Doug Mandrick, a patient who received treatment at Michigan ENT, “I got a good night’s sleep and felt like I was 10 years younger.”

The most common symptoms of sinusitis include a yellow, green or clear discharge from the nose and drainage down the back of the throat, as well as nasal blockage or congestion that makes breathing through the nose difficult.

Untreated sinusitis can lead to serious complications such as vision loss or other infections, as well as a loss of smell and/or taste. Individuals should see a doctor if they have recurring sinusitis, sinusitis lasting longer than 10 days or their symptoms don’t improve after visiting the doctor, according to WebMD.


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