Why are seasonal allergies bad this year?

May 12, 2017 |

dhigh pollen graphic

If you have noticed that your seasonal allergies this Spring have been worse than previous years, you are not alone. Experts say that the increased temperatures combined with carbon dioxide, have caused a lot more sniffling this season. These climate changes, along with higher pollen count in the area, have caused an extended allergy season. There are even some trees with pollen count that have been have been double the amount that they have been in past years.

So what can you do to minimize your exposure to pollen?

  • Keep your house clean
  • Keep windows and doors shut
  • Use the air conditioner
  • Use saline rinses
  • Shower after being outdoors
  • Do outdoor activities in the morning
  • Start taking allergy medications as soon as possible

To learn about pollen counts where you live, check out this interactive map. You can also sign up to receive emails when pollen counts are high. Give our office a call if your allergy symptoms are out of control and you are looking for relief (616) 994-2770. Our team of providers can offer tips and treatment to manage symptoms that are specific to your needs.




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