Tips & Tricks For Traveling With Hearing Aids

September 13, 2017 |

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I am often asked about the procedure when traveling with hearing aids. I always remind my patients that hearing aids are designed for an active lifestyle and are a breeze to travel with. Simply make sure you remember a few key items.

Remember your power source.

If you use use batteries, bring extra. If you forget batteries, they are readily available for purchase at drug stores and big box stores like Target and Meijer.¬† Also, be sure to know what size battery your hearing aid takes. If you have a ¬†rechargeable hearing aid, bring the charging unit. Some manufacturers have smaller chargers available for purchase that are handy to carry in a purse or glove box. External batteries can also be purchased that can provide power to your charging unit when an outlet isn’t available.

Bring your basic equipment

Remember a case to place your hearing aids in when you are not wearing them. Cleaning tools, wax guards and spare domes (if you use them) are nice to have in case you need them.

Prepare for takeoff

When heading through airport security leave your hearing aids in. It will ensure you can communicate with the security officers. Just notify the security officer that you are wearing a hearing aid when you enter the security screen. The screening (x-ray, body scanner, walk-through medal detector, etc.) will not affect or damage your hearing aids. Some hearing instruments that direct connect to electronics (phones, tablets, etc.) require you put them in “flight mode” once on the aircraft. Check your manual or call your audiologist to see of that applies to you.


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