Speech Audiometry

September 25, 2017 |

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There are two different speech tests performed during a hearing test. Speech recognition scores (SRT) determine how softly you are able to hear words. Word recognition scores (WRS) measures how clearly you can understand words when presented at a comfortable level.

How is the test performed?

You will first sit in the sound booth with either headphones or insert headphones on.

  1. Your audiologist will have you repeat a list of two-syllable words to determine your SRT.
  2. Your audiologist will then determine your WRS abilities. The audiologist will either present the list of words to you or you will listen to a recoded set. The phrase will be “Say the word ___” and a one-syllable word will follow, which you will repeat. The audiologist is looking for the clarity or your ability to understand words at a comfortable listening level.

Both these scores are used to compare with the hearing test. These scores can also determine if you are a good hearing aid candidate, if it is determined you have a hearing loss.


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