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January 16, 2017 |

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Resound is one of the hearing aid manufacturers we work with at our offices. They are best known for sound quality and the first made for iPhone hearing aids on the market. Resound Linx2 is their current platform and the second generation for the made for iPhone hearing aids.

Direct connection

If you have an iPhone generation 5 or higher, iPad, or iPod touch you can pair any of Resound’s Linx2 hearing aids directly to these Apple products by using the Bluetooth connection. You will be able to stream phone calls, music, or any audio directly into your hearing aids when paired properly. You will no longer have to hold the phone up to the ear or connect an additional accessory to be able to stream audio into your hearing aids. My patient’s that I have fit with these hearing aids love this feature.

Smart App

The Resound linx2 hearing aids not only directly connect to Apple products but they also have a smart app available to have some control over your hearing aids as well. You will be able to have the capability to adjust the volume of your hearing devices individually or together. Through the app you will also have the ability to change to different programs that are set in your hearing aid devices. If you have the restaurant program in your devices you can adjust that specific environment to make the hearing aid suppress more or less background noise at the touch of your fingers through the app. This feature in the app will make it helpful for you to hear your loved ones speaking when those loud noises around you are too distracting. Have you ever lost a hearing aid before? This app can help you find it! The app also has an abundance of reading material such as: care and maintenance instructions, changing the battery, trouble shooting guides, inserting and removing the hearing aids from your ear, and many more.

Relief App

Resound also has a tinnitus relief app. This app is used for when someone has constant ringing, buzzing, or hissing in the ears, or it can be used for relaxation. Tinnitus is a common complaint from many of our patients. I recommend this app to help give the patient relaxation and relief. It is very important to not over mask your tinnitus, play the relaxation tones just under the level of your tinnitus for maximum benefit. This app also has many reading material about tinnitus and relaxation tips. If you have any of the Apple products paired to your linx2 hearing aids you can stream these tones directly into your hearing instruments!

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