In-Office FNA Procedure

November 22, 2018 |

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid nodule?

Are you searching for where to turn next?

Look no further than Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists – your leaders in thyroidal care in the greater West Michigan area.

At Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists, we continue our commitment to excellence of care by providing the latest cutting-edge techniques and technologies to bring you better outcomes. This is especially true for thyroid problems such as thyroid nodules, where our innovation and expertise is needed. Unlike many other ENT physicians, Drs. Strabbing, Palmer, and Stubbs currently offer in-office Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration. This quick and simple procedure is performed right within our own exam rooms, does not require anesthesia, and is cornerstone to the proper management of thyroid nodules. It takes approximately one half-hour to complete and is accomplished using an elongated fine needle directed under the guidance of simultaneous ultrasound imaging to collect a very small amount of actual thyroid tissue. By taking the extra step of bringing in both an ultrasound technician and a cytotechnologist, we ensure adequate and accurate specimens are obtained. A pathologist doctor will then later make your diagnosis from the obtained tissue. Depending on results, surgery is still a possibility.

What is a Fine Needle Aspiration?

Fine needle aspiration is a revolutionary mode of providing diagnoses for conditions where simple medical imaging falls short. In the past, patients who suffered with lumps, bumps, growths, or masses had to rely on medical imaging or invasive full surgical removal to make a confident medical diagnosis. However, given that lots of lumps and bumps are non-worrisome, too many patients were undergoing surgical procedures for benign conditions.

At last, the arrival of Fine Needle Aspiration. This simple in-office procedure has closed the gap between simple imaging and the operating room. Fine Needle Aspiration is where a thin needle is inserted into concerning lumps, bumps, or growths to collect actual tissue that can be examined by a pathologist under a microscope. From this tissue, medical diagnoses can be confidently made. In our office, we regularly use Fine Needle Aspiration to make diagnoses of simple cysts, benign and cancerous thyroid nodules, lymphoma, cancers, and others. The procedure is quick and simple, but needs to be performed by someone who performs it regularly.

I Am Scheduled for a Fine Needle Aspiration – What Should I Expect?

As mentioned, Fine Needle Aspiration is a quick and easy in-office procedure when performed by skilled practitioners. In our office, Drs. Strabbing, Palmer, and Stubbs are trained in its techniques. Fine Needle Aspiration appointments are about 30-minutes long. Patients are able to have it performed from the comfort of our exam chairs without the need for anesthesia. Even local anesthesia is not required. Before we begin, we utilize non-radiating Ultrasound technology to better locate the area of concern under the skin. Once the area is found, a thin needle is inserted into the mass which feels like a sting in the arm. Fine Needle Aspiration pain is comparable to having your blood drawn, but we use an even smaller needle. Typically between two and four pokes are needed. Patients are awake during the entire procedure, are able to walk out of our office, and can even drive home. No pain medicines or antibiotics are needed afterwards. We typically receive results in less than one week.


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