“I would highly recommend Dr. Strabbing and the procedure of balloon sinuplasty”

November 3, 2022 |

Portrait of Dr. Richard Strabbing of Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists with patient testimonial: "I would highly recommend Dr. Strabbing and the procedure of balloon sinuplasty." -Richard H. W. Hudsonville, Michigan

“During May, I was experiencing a severe sinus infection in Florida and then again in June while in Michigan. It even affected my eye sight in my right eye. It felt like a piece of wood was stick in my eye, causing me pain. Initially, I went to an eye doctor but he found nothing.

Then I read an article suggesting that it might actually be caused by a severe sinus infection.

I went to Michigan ENT and met with Dr. Richard J. Strabbing, DO.

He prescribed amoxicillin to make sure there was no bacterial infection in my sinuses. He also prescribed fluticasone, a nose spray, and recommended nose rinsing.

In July, I had a CT scan of my face. Dr Strabbing took time to review the CT scan with me and showed me where my sinuses were clogged. He suggested a balloon sinupasty.  This is a simple procedure. He goes up through the nose and when ready, they inflate a small balloon which opens the clogged sinus to allow drainage to occur.

I experienced some discomfort but no real pain. It caused bleeding and it felt like my nose was clogged. I rinsed it often and after two days, my nasal passages were open.

I would highly recommend Dr.Strabbing and the procedure of balloon sinuplasty.”

Richard H. W.
Hudsonville, Michigan


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