Ear infections: Symptoms and Treatment

November 28, 2018 |

otitis inner ear

As a child I had ear infections frequently and went through my own set of tubes for my ears, and now that I have children I am going through the process again. It is no fun for anyone in the house when your 14 month old has an ear infection, especially when it starts to become a recurring theme.

Ear infections are very common especially in early childhood. Often antibiotics will clear an infection, but usually the fluid in the middle ear will persist for a short period of time afterwards. Most fluid in the middle ear will resolve after a month, but sometimes it will persist much longer!
This fluid predisposes the child to get another ear infection, and a pattern of recurrent ear infections can begin. The fluid also causes hearing loss in this very important time period of developing language! Placing ear tubes are an option to break this cycle and improve the hearing loss.
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