Dos and Don’ts of Summer Hearing Aid Care

July 24, 2017 |

"Your guide to summer hearing aid care"

With summer comes sun, sand, hot days and ocean waves.  Yet all these reasons to love summer can wreak havoc on your hearing aids.  While today’s modern hearing aids offer advanced moisture and dust protection with special nanocoating, it is still best to give them extra care to protect your investment and keep them operating in peak condition.  

Check out the following Dos and Don’ts to make the most of summer with your hearing devices.


  • DO consider purchasing a hearing aid dryer.  An inexpensive option is a jar with a desiccant where the hearing aid can be placed overnight.  An electronic hearing aid dryer can provide a gentle heat to remove moisture from the device.  Some versions even have a UV light to kill any germs that may be lurking on the hearing aid or earpiece.
  • DO keep your device out of the sun and extreme heat.
  • DO protect your hearing aids from sand, pollen and other debris.  There are a variety of products available, such as EarGear, designed to fit over the hearing aids and offer another layer of protection.  These are a must for boaters, bikers and other summer sports enthusiasts.
  • DO check your earmold tubing.  If you have a BTE with an earmold, check your tubing for moisture accumulation.  Any moisture in the tubing can dampen the sound from the hearing aid.  Earmold tubing blowers are available to help blow moisture out of the tubing.
  • DO visit your hearing professional regularly for a thorough cleaning.  Regular maintenance checks can prevent a vast majority of issues.
  • DO remove the battery immediately if the hearing aid is submerged in water.  It is often corrosion of the battery that causes malfunction of the device.  


  • DON’T use spray sunscreens, hair products or bug sprays near the devices–these can clog the microphones.
  • DON’T leave your devices in a hot car or out in the sun.
  • DON’T expose your hearing aids to saltwater.  As the water dries, salt crystals left behind can damage the circuitry of the device.
  • DON’T attempt to dry your hearing aids with a hairdryer or microwave.  The heat from these appliances is too high and can melt the shell of the hearing aid.


Enjoy the summer with your hearing devices!  If you have questions or concerns regarding the cleaning or maintenance of your hearing aid, call the experts at Michigan ENT and Allergy Specialists at 616-994-2770.


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