Common misconception: Hearing aids will make me look old.

November 7, 2017 |

"The art of hearing"

I hear it all of the time from people who talk to me about hearing aids: “Hearing aids will make me look old”.

My response: No they won’t.

In fact, the most popular hearing aids are so discrete that they often go unnoticed. I’ve helped many people find options that they are happy with. In fact, many people are surprised when they see how small hearing aids are often reporting back that their loved ones didn’t even notice that they were wearing them. Also, a lot of individuals state that their hearing aids are so comfortable that they forget that they are wearing anything in their ears. The truth is, current technology allows for small, smart devices that are easy to wear and are designed for today’s active lifestyle.
In fact,  missing out on conversation in social settings and asking for repetition may have more of a negative perception than a hearing aid does.  Someone who says “Huh” or “Pardon?” often will be perceived differently than someone who follows conversation with ease. Social settings become more manageable and conversations become easier. Many people drop out of certain social settings due to a hearing difficulty. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many individuals who had stopped doing their favorite volunteer work, or going out to lunch with their friends because they couldn’t keep up with the conversation.  Once we chose an amplification option that worked well for their lifestyle, they were communicating effectively and went back to their cherished activities.

The truth: Hearing aids don’t make you look old, hearing aids help keep you young and active.


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