Benefits of Binaural Amplification

March 13, 2017 |

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If you have hearing loss in both ears, which is called binaural hearing, you will probably be a candidate for two hearing aids also referred to as binaural amplification. After an Audiologist tests your hearing there will be a better understanding if you are a good candidate for binaural amplification. In the end, it is your decision, as the patient, if you would like to experience the benefits of binaural amplification. It is important to keep in mind if you have two ears that can wear hearing aids then you should wear two hearing aids. Let me explain to you why wearing two hearing aids is better than one.

1. Satisfaction

Research has shown patients fit with binaural amplification are more satisfied than patients fit with only one device. This is because binaural hearing results in improved speech understanding, especially in background noise.

2. Sound localization

Both ears are used to determine which direction sounds are coming from. This is important in all your life experiences.

3. Both ears and brain stay active

Patients with hearing loss who remain unaided can experience auditory deprivation from lack of stimulation to the ears and brain. Wearing binaural amplification reduces deprivation because the ears and brain are active with sound again which keeps the pathways stimulated. This can also help keep your current hearing loss stable.

4. Better sound quality

Using binaural amplification keeps you feeling balanced. Also, less volume is needed when two ears are aided, so there is less distortion of sound.

5. Relief from tinnitus

Many patients will report a reduction or absence of tinnitus with the use of binaural amplification. If only one ear is aided, the unaided ear will still experience the tinnitus.

6. Ease of listening

Listening in both ears means that you do not have to strain yourself to have a conversation. Listening will become more comfortable, less stressful, and you will feel like you have more energy throughout your day.



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