Allergy Shots and Allergy Drops

May 22, 2022 |

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Are over-the-counter allergy medications not cutting it?

It may be time to talk to a specialist about allergy testing. We offer immunotherapy treatments that may be the best solution for you.


  • Treats the cause of allergies, not the symptoms
  • Closest treatment to a cure
  • Helps you avoid medications
  • Safe and natural
  • We have 10-years of experience with immunotherapy
  • Uses the latest allergy protocols

There are two types of immunotherapy treatments.

1. Allergy Shots

Allergy shots expose you over time to gradual increments of your allergen, so you learn to tolerate it rather than reacting with sneezing, a stuffy nose, or itchy, watery eyes.

A typical allergy injection treatment plan is a total of 3-5 years. The protocol involves weekly injections to reach maintenance dosing. Once on maintenance and with symptom relief for at least the four seasons, tapering of injections begins. The length of treatment and frequency of injections during the taper process is dependent on symptoms.

2. Allergy Drops

Allergy drops involve putting drops of your allergen extracts under the tongue. It is an alternative way to treat allergies without injections and is well-suited to the needle-phobic, children, travelers, or seniors.

Allergy drops are administered under the tongue and are a viable alternative to allergy injections. Allergy drops to address all environmental allergens are not FDA approved and thus they are not widely covered by insurance. This treatment is often a completely out-of-pocket expense for patients.

Allergy drops can be done at home without medical observation and the treatment is a minimum of three years. If symptom relief has occurred for all four seasons after 3 years, allergy drops can be discontinued.

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If drops or shots are not right for you, we have many other treatments that may work for you. Call us today.


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