7 ways to Allergy Proof your Home

November 27, 2017 |

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During the winter, we spend more time indoors exposing ourselves to allergens and other irritants like dust mites, pet dander, smoke, mold spores and household sprays.

Here are some tips to help you survive the winter allergy season:

1. Wash your bedding and pajamas in hot water to kill dust mites
2. Purchase allergy guard covers for your pillow, mattress and box springs. These en-casings create a protective barrier between you and dust mites.
3. Vacuum your carpets at least twice per week with a vacuum that has a Hepa filter, sweeping hard wood floors daily and mopping. Performing these tasks can reduce the dust mite population and decrease pet dander.
4. Change your furnace filter every 3 months.
5. Keep the humidity level in your home below 50%. This will help to prevent mold growth.
6. Wash your hands frequently, especially after playing with your family pet.
7. As we head into winter, we also enter into the Holiday season.  With that being said, it is important to remove dust from your decorations and ornaments before setting them out.  If you are using a live Christmas tree, you should spray it with a garden hose before setting it up in your home.

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