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January 13, 2017 |

battery charged hearing aids

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Rechargeable options for your hearing aids

Rechargeable batteries for hearing aids

With all of the amazing technological advancements in hearing aids over the past few years, there has been one that has lagged behind: rechargeable hearing aids!  One of the top features sought after by hearing aid wearers, past options have been unreliable and difficult to use.   Yet the close of 2016 brought about a variety of new solutions.

Lithium Ion

Two manufacturers released hearing aids that utilize lithium ion rechargeable batteries, similar to those used in computers, cell phones and cameras.  Boasting 24 hours on a single charge, gone are the days of fumbling to find replacement batteries after hearing the dreaded low battery tone.  The batteries are encased in the hearing aid, preventing the need for the user to ever have to open the battery compartment–a significant advantage for those patients with vision impairment or limited dexterity.  

Important event coming up?  The quick charge capability offers 6 hours of use with just a 30 minute charge.  A full charge cycle is achieved in a 3-4 hours.  To charge the devices, the hearing aids are placed in small openings in the charging base unit.  The base unit can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, or for those on the go, a portable power pack option can be used if a wall outlet is not available.   Some charging bases also offer electronic dryer capabilities, pulling moisture from the hearing aids and keeping them operating in peak performance.

Silver Zinc: Turn your current devices into rechargeable

Already have a set of non-rechargeable hearing aids?  There is another solution available to turn your current set of devices into rechargeables!  Using silver zinc technology, the product comes in a variety of sizes and works with multiple brands of hearing aids.  With the swap of a battery door and the charger base, these batteries are touted to last throughout the day.  Another benefit to this battery type is the ability to switch out the battery for standard zinc air batteries should the user forget to charge the devices.  

Regardless of the rechargeable system you choose, this technology is available in basic through premium hearing aid technology levels.   Talk to your hearing care provider to determine if a rechargeable option is right for you.


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