Michigan ENT & Allergy’s Palmer: ‘Breathing through our nose allows us to enjoy life more’

June 7, 2021 |

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Hay fever — an allergic reaction to particular things like pollen, ragweed and cats — can be severely triggered this time of year as weather changes and allergens are kicked up into the air.

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, can be seasonal when certain plants pollinate, or year-around if allergies are caused by inside factors, like pets, according to WebMD. Those who suffer with any type of allergies know that they typically include stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes or throat, and coughing or restricted breathing, especially through the nose.

“Breathing through our nose allows us to enjoy life more! We can get better rest and have a better workout if we can easily breathe through our nose. There are multiple things that can be done to help you breathe through your nose better, including treating your allergy. And depending on your nasal anatomy, there are several in-office procedures that may benefit you. These in-office procedures allow you to recover more easily. If you are struggling with nasal congestion, then please come visit Michigan ENT & Allergy for an evaluation,” Dr. Seth Palmer of Michigan ENT & Allergy said.

One patient of Michigan ENT & Allergy said that he remembers some of his symptoms being so bad, he sometimes had to miss school as a child.  

“I was missing probably one day a week in sixth grade due to allergies, severe congestion and headaches,” Doug Mandrick said.

Palmer said that coming to their medical office to get tested for allergies and evaluated for treatment can significantly improve a patient’s life by addressing the symptoms that are inhibiting their breathing.

“We have a great team at Michigan ENT & Allergy that can evaluate you to improve your health and wellness. We have providers who are excellent in evaluating the sinuses with endoscopy, allergy testing and CT scans to come up with the best management for your chronic sinus issues. There are many things we can do to treat the sinuses, from using an appropriate nasal/allergy regimen, to procedures that can be done in the office, and surgical options. It would be our pleasure to see you and discuss how we can improve your sinus symptoms,” Palmer said.

Ensuring your comfort and providing you with the highest level of care are our most important priorities. We will work closely with you and your referring doctor to ensure that you will have a very pleasant experience.


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