Don’t forget your sunscreen!

April 24, 2017 | ,


Finally…it is that time of year again. The weather is becoming nice and the sunshine is out for most of the day. We all need to be thinking about our daily care of our skin while out in the sun. Our goals maybe different; to prevent the aging process, burning, or cancer but these reasons all still rely on the importance of sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be used every day but is extremely important to be used when out in the sun for long periods of time.  It is important to look for a sunscreen product that is clearly labeled as Broad Spectrum. Broad Spectrum means that it meets the latest FDA standards for protecting your skin from both UVB (skin burning) and UVA (skin aging) rays.

We all wonder what SPF, how frequently should I apply, and what type of sunscreen (spray versus lotion) should I be applying. When determining what SPF is right for you, consider what altitude you are at and what your skin type is. The higher the altitude the closer you are to the sun. The fairer your skin, the greater chance of burning. It is best to start with a higher SPF and work your way down to find which SPF works best for you. Sunscreen should be applied every couple of hours when you are continuous exposed to the sun. The reason for this is that swimming and other activities make you sweat and reduce the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Both spray and lotion sunscreen can be effective but it is important to read the directions to determine proper method for applying especially in windy conditions and to prevent accidental inhalation of the spray.

It is time to get outside and enjoy all that West Michigan has to offer in these Spring and Summer months but remember to protect your skin. If you notice any concerning spots or are concerned with what years of sun exposure has done to your skin, please contact our office today at (616) 994-2770 for an appointment.


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