School FM Systems

December 12, 2017 |

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What is an FM system?

FM is a frequency modulation system that can be used in schools to help with children who have a hearing loss or difficulty holding attention in the classroom.

The four main advantages of the FM system are:

  • Reducing background noise
  • Improving speech clarity and understanding
  • Hearing from a distance
  • Reducing fatigue.

The FM system will help reduce the signal-to-noise ratio in a noisy environment. This will allow children to identify and understand speech better in noisy environments over a distance of 50 feet.  Children will be able to hear the teacher’s words when spoken into the microphone directly in their ears, without any distracting background noise, allowing them to enjoy and participate in conversations in the classroom. This will also assist the teacher in not having to raise their voice since the FM system will present the voice ear level to the child’s hearing devices or headset.

Using an FM in school will allow children to better hear and respond to the teacher’s directions, improving academic performance as a result.

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