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Our team specializes in ear, nose, throat, and allergy care – from more common procedures, such as ear tube placement, tonsillectomy, in office sinus surgery, and allergy testing and treatment to evaluation and surgical treatment of thyroid nodules as well as skin cancers of the head and neck. With extensive experience practicing in Michigan, Dr. Strabbing treats every patient as an individual and with the utmost kindness, compassion, and respect. He will develop a plan that best fits your unique situation.

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Caution! Protect your ears!

Summer is a noisy time of year. Are you prepared?

Your hearing can be permanently effected with prolonged exposure to excessive noise! 

According to the Hearing Health Foundation, "about 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises at work or in leisure activities."

A decibel is the measurement for how loud a sound is.  If sounds are louder than 85 dB and you will be exposed to the sound for 30 minutes or more, it is important to protect your ears.

An environment is too loud and considered dangerous if you:
  • Have to shout over background noise to be heard.
  • It is painful to your ears.
  • It makes your ears ring during and after exposure.
For more information on Tinnitus and Hearing Loss from the Hearing Health Foundation, click on the link below.

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