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Our team specializes in ear, nose, throat, and allergy care – from more common procedures, such as ear tube placement, tonsillectomy, in office sinus surgery, and allergy testing and treatment to evaluation and surgical treatment of thyroid nodules as well as skin cancers of the head and neck. With extensive experience practicing in Michigan, Dr. Strabbing treats every patient as an individual and with the utmost kindness, compassion, and respect. He will develop a plan that best fits your unique situation.

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Did You Know...

...hearing loss and dementia have been linked in recent studies.

"Seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing..."

"The effort it takes those with hearing loss to hear and comprehend creates a regular strain that interferes with normal cognition."

"Hearing impaired people tend to withdraw socially and the lack of regular interaction leads to mental stagnation". 

"Early diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss slows the progression of dementia in Alzheimer's disease."

"Treatment with hearing aids not only help improve a patient's hearing--they may be the key to preventing...cognitive [decline]."

References provided by Siemens: usa.siemens.com/hearing

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