Laser Genesis

January 26, 2017 |

What is it?

Laser has become a popular method of treating a variety of skin issues, as well as hair removal and vein treatment.  There is a vast array of types of lasers, treatment options, and targeted outcomes.  Laser Genesis is offered in our practice, and is quickly becoming popular.  Laser Genesis is  an ND Yag laser, and the procedure is done with our Cutera Xeo laser.  This is used on the face and neck, and gently creates heat in the dermis, which stimulates collagen, treats underlying vascularities, and reduces scarring.
Patients wear protective eyewear during the procedure, and the laser is held at a distance from the face.  The laser is used over sections of the face and neck and gently heats the dermis.  Most patients report that this feels pleasant and relaxing.  A counter on the machine keeps track of the number of laser pulses emitted from the machine, and treatment includes a certain amount of pulses in each area of the face.  The face and neck may appear flushed for a short time after treatment (similar to when someone has been in a sauna), and cosmetics can be worn after treatment.  Laser Genesis does not have any “downtime.”  There is not any peeling, flaking, crusting, or blistering after a treatment.

Why have it done?

Laser Genesis can be performed as an antiaging method because of its collagen-stimulating effect.  It can also be used to treat rosacea, as the laser “heats and seals” small vascularities in the skin, which reduces symptoms of and helps to control rosacea.  Some patients report having a more “chiseled” appearance in their jawline, and many have noticed an improvement in their skin tone and texture.  Laser Genesis also picks up impurities in the skin, including pigmented spots, and reduces small spots of hyperpigmentation.  One of the things we love about Genesis is that regardless of “why” someone opts to be treated, they receive all of the benefits of treatment at once.  Someone may want to treat their vascularities, but they will also have improved texture and collagen.  Another patient may want to stimulate collagen production, but they will notice less redness and spots after a treatment.

Who can have it done? 

Laser Genesis can be done on many skin types, and the procedure itself takes approximately 20 minutes to perform.    It can be done in a series, with three or four monthly treatments; however, many patients notice improvement after a single session.  Call us to set up a consultation with our nurse practitioner, Leslie TenBrink.  She would love to meet with you and address your individual concerns and needs.


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